How do I sign in to my Farmpays account?

To log in to your Farmpays account, please submit the following: Username and Password in the Login section of the site.


I forgot my password, is there anything I can do?

You may have forgotten your password. Click the following link or enter your email or username in the form below, and we’ll send automatic instructions for how you can create a new password as well as log into your account.

The link will be sent to your email address. So, make sure you have your registered email address open.

Do you want to change your password?

Farmpays account passwords are easy to change. If you’re logged into your account, just visit this page and follow the prompts.

Edit Account Settings

Your current password might not work for your new account. You should have your new password close by and remember what it is.


How can I pay for my order?

We have a few things we need you to do before we can ship an item for you:

BUY NOW—Find the product you want and click Buy Now. If you can’t find the item, use our search box, look through your browsing history, or visit your Wishlist (if you have previously added the item to it).

If you need further information, a bulk discount, or to buy now, select the Make Enquiry/Request a Quote. You will receive a response as well as the next steps to take on your project.
If the Buy Now button is not there, maybe that price changes often. In this situation, select Ask A Question and we will respond with our quote.

You can then proceed to the checkout. You can either update or confirm the quantity you want to buy, and then click Proceed to Checkout.

There are two main types of payment:

Bank Transfer: Select Bank Transfer if you would like to send your payment via ATM transfer, in-bank transfer, Mobile Money (like Paga), or Mobile Transfer (using your bank USSD code like *894# for FirstBank). If you decide to pay via Bank Transfer/deposit, your order will be on hold until you make the payment and notify farmpays via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. You will receive a confirmation email and SMS when we process your order.

Your card information is safe with us. As a business owner, you know that having secure payment options is critical. With Paystack, your purchase information will be safeguarded.
You have four (4) simple options for payment:

a. Debit/Credit Card: You only need to enter your card details (Mastercard, Verve Card, or Visa Card), and click “Pay”. Your order will be processed immediately after payment goes through. NOTE: We accept cards that are in Naira & Dollar currency.

b. Paypal: You can process your order with PayPal and complete your payment utilizing the convenience of your credit card.
b. Bank: You can also make payments through our banks (as long as they work within ACH). Your order is processed immediately after you process payment by using your bank account number and order details.

Zenith Bank (bank account number)

Once you have made payments, you need to send us proof of payment should in case we are unable to match your payment with your order.

Call Farmpays at +234 810 845 2311, or +2349127762522 if you need help.

When can I make the payment?

You can easily make a payment while you locate your order on our website. If you’re doubtful, or probable due to the fact an item that does not have a strong fee (e.G. Day-old chicks), please use the button Ask A Question.

Can I pay after shipping?

No, we don’t accept payment on delivery. Please make the complete fee earlier than we ship the goods to you.
How do I pay into your account? Can I pay with ATM Card?
You pay online for the usage of your Mastercard, Visa Card, or Verve Card whilst you Place an Order. You may pay by means of Bank Transfer/Deposit into any of the Farmpays Holding Accounts above.
Yes, you can pay with Mastercard, Visa card, or Verve card domiciled in Naira or Dollar

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes, we deliver nationwide, you can Pickup your order from our delivery partners in any of the 36 states in Nigeria. After you make your order, you will receive an e-mail and SMS to assist you to recognise the way to pick up your order.

What are downloadables?

Most of our products have downloadables FREE attached for smooth navigation, use, and additional data on the product specifications. Downloadables consist of E-books, additional product snapshots, statistics sheets, specs, operational manuals, phrases and conditions of use, audiovisual media, and so forth.


If you have any Questions to ask Us, you can use the chat pop up

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