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  • Baronesa RZ F1 Watermelon is an enormous size dark cultivated watermelon with exceptionally uniform foods grown from the ground dim green skin with dark red tissue. Sugar content is high, the plant areas of strength for is, little leaves and an incredible leaf cover that gives less issues of burn from the sun.

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  • Push out rodent poison dispense with those rodent in your home, workplaces, cafés, bars and so on.
    It is a supported EPA rodenticide which contains zinc phosphide and has been shown to be successful against rodents.
    Push out rodent toxic substance can be blended in with food as trap and put in a pantries, cupboards or any known areas of invasion
    The ingestion of the toxic substance in the gastrointestinal parcel and the corrosive in the creatures stomach transforms the zinc phosphide into phosphine in this manner killing the rodents
    NOTE: Extreme wariness is required while utilizing this pesticide and it ought to be avoid youngsters and any wellspring of food.

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  • Primextra Gold (Syngenta) controls specific yearly grasses and broadleaf weeds in Maize, Sugarcane and Sweet Corn, Sorghum, and so on.

    Note: While utilizing the item generally allude to the item name for an authority posting of harvest utilization, limitations and precautionary measures for more prominent yield and advantages.
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  • The California Wonder chime pepper is a productive, energetic pepper that is extraordinary tasting and simple to develop. It includes a fresh, gentle flavor and is amazing stuffed, sauteed, or cut into reduced down pieces for snacks. Very much like the peppers you’ll find in the general store, the California Wonder delivers thick-walled, blocky green peppers, which go to red whenever left on the plant. The natural products will more often than not be 4″ tall and wide and especially sweet. The plants can reach up to 30 inches tall and fill well either in enormous pots or established straightforwardly in the ground, and when planted in nurseries, needs practically no upkeep. Beside it’s astonishing taste and plentiful yield, part of the allure of the California Wonder is that it’s impervious to the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, a typical Solanaceae family infection that can truly stunt your plants.

    Amount: 100g

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  • We offer Roma VF tomato which is a determinate, glue style tomato created by Premier Seeds, a legitimate maker of treated crop seeds.

    Roma VF has thick, substantial tissue and somewhat couple of seeds. Likewise, the Roma VF is impervious to both Verticillium and Fusarium shrinks (subsequently the “VF”).
    The plants are smaller and yield overflowing measures of 3-inch long natural products that come out one or the other pear-or plum-molded. Set in a bright area and prepare for a huge reap.
    Days to development: 75 – 95 days.
    We convey across the country!

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  • The powder green Leaf is a bug spray extremely strong against cockroaches. You can utilize it straightforwardly, without blending, in the invaded places and their entries. The cockroaches are killed promptly !

    Sprinkle it ideally in corners not much open, all together that powder stay dynamic for quite a while.

    Item is protected and scentless.

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  • What makes this rodent executioner different is on the grounds that it is undeniably more simpler to utilize. Dissimilar to different ones where you blend the rodent executioner in with another consumable substance that the rodent will eat, for this one you simply break the rodent executioner and spot them at stowed away spot close to edges of your divider.

    This is about six pack which contain 6 sachet of force kill. It portion the occupation in one feed.

    Keep far away from kids, store in a cool and Dry spot.

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  • Potting soil is a collective term for different kinds of soil with each their own composition and specific structure. It is comprised of various ingredients that serve as a medium to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables in nursery bags, grow bags, pots, or other durable containers.

    Product Features:


    • Composition: It is made up of organic materials, inorganic materials, fertilizers, and other additives.
    • Packaging: This product comes in 70 LTR and 40 LTR bags
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  • This is a result of Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds, one of the top autonomous seed organizations in Netherlands. This specific assortments can be developed both in an open field and in the green house, they are a mid-early developing assortment. After different preliminaries conveyed in Kano, Nigeria, they were breed to be safe against the accompanying : Verticillium shrink, Late curse, Tomato spotted shrivel, Fusarum wither.

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  • DD FORCE is an organophosphate compound areas of strength for with activities and is prescribed for ranchers because of its harmful impact on rural vermin, for example, bug parasites, sucking and biting bugs, aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies e.t.c. by acting by means of stomach contact and respiratory harming.

    It tends to be applied to a wide scope of harvests including natural product trees, vegetables, rice, wheat, maize, espresso, tea, cocoa, banana, plantain, sweet potato, cassava, sugarcane e.t.c. also, is non-phytotoxic when utilized as coordinated.

    Dynamic INGREDIENT
    DDVP 1000EC

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  • Wonderful Killer effectively controls termites and other soil dreadful little animal in fields, estate and in Factories. Can likewise be utilized on furnishings and structures. Its gives a better strategy than secure your home against termites, skilled worker subterranean insects, carpenter bumble bees and other wood-destroying bugs. Can be utilized both inside and outside.

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  • Pentashi is a somewhat non-specific and foliage-applied contact herbicide utilized by ranchers to control the exorbitant development of weeds on farmlands.

    It is reasonable for the wide range control of expansive leaved weeds and grasses in organic product plantations (counting citrus), ranch crops (bananas, espresso, cocoa palms, coconut palms, oil palms, elastic, and so forth), plants, olives, tea, hay, onions, leeks, sugar beets, asparagus, decorative trees, bushes, and so on.
    It contains paraquat as the dynamic fixing.
    Bundled in 1-liter jugs, Pentashi ought to be applied observing all preparatory rules rigorously.

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