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  • The mashed form of New HopeLayer Mash is a nutritionally complete poultry feed. The goal of the layer mash is to increase egg production in laying flocks and provide the best possible flock homogeneity.

    It is advised to use our layer mash from 16 weeks till the end of the laying cycle.

    During this time, each bird consumes 42.3 kg of food, and the maximum body weight that can be reached is 2 kg.

    25 kg sacks are used to package them.

    100 bags must be ordered minimum, and shipping is available countrywide.

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  • Dynamic Fixing: Imidaclorid 200 g/L SL.
    Family: Chloronicotinyl.
    Portrayal: Magnificent, fundamental foliar, and soil insect spray goes about as contact and stomach poison in different harvests like cotton, cowpea, groundnut, soybean, vegetables, natural products, and ornamentals.

    100 ml of 100 pieces for each container.

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  • We provide Saira F1, a hybrid cucumber seed variety with outstanding plant traits.

    Saira F1 fruit is appealing, green in color, 17–19 cm long, and weighs 160–175 g.

    This type requires 40–42 days to be harvested.

    They can withstand harsh conditions and diseases well.

    Order today; we deliver across the country.

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  • Tenera and Supergene kinds of oil palm seedlings, which are around six months old, are available from us.

    Although Supergene is a hybrid, the comparison does not end there.
    In 1-2 years, supergene hybrid fruits develop.
    The best oil palm hybrid is Supergene, which has stronger roots and stems.
    These hybrid products have larger nuts, higher productivity, and significantly shorter waiting times before production.
    Due to its prolific production in Malaysia, this specie (Supergene) contributes to Malaysia being the world’s top producer of palms.
    We package and ship across the country.

    It is cheaper if you purchase hundreds or thousands of them.

  • Hybrid Strawberry seedlings that grow into the strawberry plant are widely appreciated for their feature aroma, vivid purple shade, juicy texture, and wonder.

    Now, with the newly stepped forward hybrid strawberries, the blessings it is easy to get from the fruit have been taken a step in addition. The hybrid strawberry fruits are excellent assets of important vitamins, starting from nutrients to manganese, all with notable health advantages for the body and blood sugar.
    Hybrid Strawberry seedlings are widely grown. Hybrid Strawberry species of the genus Fragaria, are cultivated globally for their fruit.

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  • Tangelos, a hybrid of mandarin orange and grapefruit, are rectangular in form and seem like oranges. They are juicy with much less pulp than ordinary oranges and may be eaten sparkling off the tree or utilized in salads and cooked dishes. You can grow your personal tangelo tree with the aid of saving the seeds from fruit and planting them into pots.

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  • Raising chickens at home is getting back in the game. While a chicken can create an egg-like clockwork, the typical hen produces something different in overflow, one cubic foot of fertilizer at regular intervals (Anderson, 2010). With more than one hen, this quickly amounts to a lot of excrement that must be made due. It can’t keep on gathering in the coop, or it will hurt the chickens.

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  • Custard Apples (Sugar Apples or Sweetsop) are of local significance as traditional drug treatments, and several species are commercially grown for or their safe-to-eat end result. There is a cream flash within the fruit, that’s delicious food in flavor. The tree has rectangular tapering leaves, rounded at the base, and yellowish green flowers borne alongside the older branches. The fruit is spherical and 15 to twenty cm (6 to 8 inches) in diameter. It has a hard outside husk, or shell, blanketed with stout spines and carries five oval cubicles, each packed with a cream-colored pulp in which one to five chestnut-sized seeds are embedded.

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  • Oluji cocoa powder – 300g tin. This item contains an unadulterated cocoa powder which can be excellent for solid living. The item is exceptionally high in cancer prevention agents and contains no added substances. Can utilized in preparing, smoothies, can be smashed as a refreshment (a teaspoon gives your espresso a particular taste), and can likewise be utilized in making garnishes.

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  • Acha grain (1kg)

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    Acha grain (1kg)

    Here are a few much of time posed inquiries from purchasers and our reactions.

    Step-by-step instructions to make breakfast cereal with acha grains
    Bubble water at a point.
    Empty acha grains into the bubbling water.
    Mix with a spatula until it thickens, it’s ideal to leave the consistency of the blend as slurry as it thickens once left to cool.
    Acha oat is fit to be appreciated with organic products, milk, and nuts.

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  • Red Crayfish

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    Red crayfish is dried prawns, they’re an awful lot larger in length when compared to the white crayfish. The colour of the crimson crayfish is redish at the same time as that of white crayfish is kind of brownish. The flavor of the crimson crayfish is smoky while that of the white crayfish is fishy. Red crayfish is referred to as “okporo” in Igbo and “ede pupa” in Yoruba .
    Available in 1/2 derica and full derica portions.

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  • Dry pomo is not malodorous so you can flawlessly place it in your gear without issues of wetness or foul smell. When you get to your objective and are prepared to utilize, basically absorb water for the time being. You could actually douse and store it in the cooler till you are prepared to utilize it

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