How To Start A Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

Snails are easy to care for. All you need is a container and water. You can also buy them from online stores or local markets.

Snail farming is an ancient practice that has been around since the beginning of human civilization. It is now being revived by urban farmers who use snails to clean up waste and provide food for themselves and others.

Choose a location where snails thrive.

If you live in a warm climate, choose a place with lots of shade and plenty of moisture. Avoid areas near bodies of water because snails will drown there.

Why Snail farming Business is a good enterprise

  1. It calls for a small amount of capital to begin as compared with different animal husbandries such as rooster, fishing and cattle rearing, and so forth.
  2. Feed Snails consume mainly end result and leave so that you do not need to move ways on the way to feed the snails. Snails consume the fruits and leaves of the subsequent: guava, mango, banana, paw-paw, cucumber, candy potatoes, etc.
  3. Demand: The market for snails is to be had all around u. S . A ., either as meat or for other uses inclusive of the production of cosmetics and/or pills.
  4. Snail farming no longer stresses you up because it no longer requires tons from you, simplest it is slow, interesting, and efficient management. Where snails are reared does now not smell not like poultry farming.

Five. Snail reproduction. Snails reproduce eggs as much as 80 and above all through reproduction years and due to the fact that there’s no distinction between male and girl due to the fact each snail can fertilize the opposite and they begin laying eggs 8-12 months after becoming sexually lively

  1. The risks of losing your snails because of ailment are a great deal much less as compared with different kinds of cattle farming.
  2. Unlike another type of enterprise, the negative aspects of snail farming are very low, nearly non-life for a normal farmer.

There are even more motives why you ought to go into snail farming business –snail with the aid of merchandise.

  1. Snail shell: This may be used for classic medicinal drugs, decorations, beads, decorations, and many others.
  2. Snail eggs: This may be used for various varieties of soup

three. Snail slime: The mucus produced by means of snails may be used to treat ulcers, cough and for the production of cosmetics, and so forth.

Steps to begin Snail farming business
Here are steps everybody can take to start a Snail farming commercial enterprise

  1. Suitable place
    Look for suitable surroundings that have to be conducive to snail farming. Generally talking, snails want water constantly and in the event that they get dry, they may be in all likelihood to die. So you have to get an area where there may be water and now not windy in excess since too much wind can result in dryness. So it is really helpful you assemble snaileries in wind blanketed environment.
  2. Prepare your marketing strategy
    A business plan is important because it states in clean phrases what you’ll be doing over a time frame. For example, it breaks down how lots its miles going to value you to begin the snail farming commercial enterprise, the size of your operation, demand estimation, wages of your employees, if any, envisioned sales, and many others. Without a business plan, it is difficult with a purpose to recognize, for instance, how an awful lot it will price you to start a snail business, specifically in case you are going to do it on a huge scale, wherein to borrow money or maybe your market, and the income you anticipate.
  3. Select the proper soil for snail farming
    The soil selected must have some elements of chemical substances which might be vital to make snails continue to exist, if essential get a professional to test the soil earlier than you begin your snail farming. The soil ought to be suitable to enable the snail to derive calcium, drink water, and lay eggs. For you to farm correctly, you must choose the soil wherein all of the essential centers for the snail’s survival are available.
  4. Get the number of snails you could handle
    You could make a conscious effort to pick snails from the woodland seeing that it is usually higher due to the fact they can without difficulty modify to the brand new surroundings than the farm breed snails, however, because you cannot pick enough for business farming, it’s far really helpful to buy from the market or a farm.

However, if making a decision to pick out of your garden, you may observe an easy technique. During the wet season, you could clean a part of your lawn and sprinkle spicy culmination to attract snails. Such culmination can include banana, paw-paw, plantain, pineapple, and so on. Do it past due within the night, and return inside the night time, after three hours, you’ll be amazed at the wide variety of snails you could select out of your garden. Repeat the process regularly and at exceptional locations, if good fortune is on your side, you may have sufficient to begin your snail farming enterprise. This may be very valuable amongst snail farming strategies, to collect new snails.

  1. Snail house (Snailery)
    Here you rear your snails in a farm or use the in depth system, i.E. You construct a snail pen, use tank or maybe drum. This is usually recommended because you maintain a near watch of the snails, lest they break out or attacked by means of wild reptiles or maybe bugs. Whatever manner you want to construct it. Use cord gauze to fence it to defend the snails from harm in addition to save you them from escaping. You can run snail farming at home, simply assemble the snail house near your property as long as the soil is right.
  2. Selecting the snails in your farm
    It is essential which you choose the right species of snails. In Nigeria, we have the following types:

Pond snail
Apple snail
Sulawesi snail
Sebra Nerite snail
Tracked Nerite snail
Horned Nerite snail
For rearing functions, it’s miles vital to begin with the gaint Ghana snail or gaint tiger land snail (Known as Achatina Achatina snail) Also it’s far essential to shop for snails which can be heavy, with tough shells and sexually mature.

  1. How to feed your snail
    Feeding snails is not high-priced even if you are rearing them on industrial scale. Snails consume common culmination and leaves that are located in all the locations which include paw paw, cucumber, cabbage, guava, banana, sweet potatoes, cassava tuber, maize chaff, tomatoes, cocoyam, and so on., they devour both the fruits and the leaves.

8. Manage your snail
Good management means which you feed them on time, provide them with easy water, and regularly easy the feed and water containers. If you feed the snail at regular periods and provide them with exact surroundings, they rarely fall sick, so the hazard of loosing them is minimum unlike different animal husbandry

9. Snail replica
Snails which might be sexually matured fertilize each other no matter the reality whether or not it’s miles male or female. Snails lay eggs in logs and the eggs hatch between 4 and six weeks. The baby snails ought to be separated from the adult snails to give them room to grow. It may take up to 18 months to two years for them to attain maturity

  1. Harvesting
    When the snails mature, harvest them for sale. Do no longer harvest all but keep some in order that they’ll breed similarly snails.

11. Marketing
Marketing your snails is the arrangements you will have made since you started The arrangement is in the nature of contacting accommodations, restaurants, ingesting joints and marketplace ladies. If you touch properly in advance, it would be smooth to sell your snails.

The splendor of snail farming enterprise is its low funding outlay and coffee walking fees. The fitness benefits also are more motives why the demand for snail will continue to upward push.

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