Nigerian Farmers Receive Agriculture Technology Support From The West African

The Ecowas Association for Sustainable Agriculture is a regional development organization committed to improving the lives of farmers and rural communities in West Africa. Our mission is to provide sustainable agriculture solutions to farmers so they can grow more food, fuel, jobs, and income.

THE Head of Agriculture Division at the ECOWAS Commission, Abuja, Ernest Aubree, has said that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is supporting little holder farmers in the area with technologies on organic farming.

Aubree, who expressed this at a National Stakeholders Meeting of the Ecological Organic Agriculture, said organic horticulture requires guidelines and guidelines, and the ECOWAS is assisting part states to foster those principles.

“ECOWAS Commission is promoting organic agribusiness in West Africa since organic farming is the correct approach as far as improving the strength of individuals of West Africa, as far as protecting the climate and furthermore as far as enhancing business since it is generating loads of assets around the world.

“Organic horticulture is a specific approach to farming, and it requires certain guidelines, guidelines, and regulations and some of our nations in the ECOWAS locale are working exceptionally difficult to have those regulations, guidelines, and norms, and the ECOWAS Commission is assisting them in developing those principles.

“For organic horticulture to flourish, the accentuation ought to be on smallholder farmers, and in such manner, from the ECOWAS Commission point of view, we have projects in all the 15 part states to help organic agribusiness.

“We are supporting different examination exercises so the technologies that are created for organic agribusiness meet the necessities of the smallholder farmers”, he said.

Likewise, the Country Coordinator of Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) initiative in Nigeria, Olugbenga Adeoluwa, said the focal point of EOA is the means by which to mainstream organic farming into the arrangement of the public authority.

He said the reception of organic farming would upgrade Nigeria’s chance of joining food-exporting nations, accordingly generating income for the nation and improving the existence of country farmers.

“The focal point of this initiative is the way to mainstream organic agribusiness into the approach of the public authority. We are appreciative to the public authority of Nigeria and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture that empowered the partners’ meeting on the organic horticulture bill to happen.

“That’s what we trust on the off chance that Nigeria can push through the arrangement archive of the organic agribusiness initiative, it will significantly help with doing slick business, taking everything into account.

“It will give an enabling climate, particularly quality assurance and the simplicity of making organic horticulture business in the country”, he noted.

Adeoluwa further expressed that the reception of organic farming will ensure quality and good nourishment for Nigeria.

“Reliably, a great deal of rural produce is being dismissed from Nigeria which influences our GDP, so in the event that organic horticulture is embraced, Nigeria can be essential for nations that send out a ton”. He added.

An organic horticulture rancher, Chief Salimono Oladipo said Organic agribusiness is sustainable and it is especially achievable. He said he has been practicing organic farming for the beyond 10 years.

“The public authority ought to carry out approaches supporting organic agribusiness practice with the goal that this large number of disturbing synthetic substances will be decreased and permit organic pesticides to be placed into utilization”, he said.


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