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  • It can clean, de-stone, hull, paddy separate, whiten( polish), grade all in one.

    70 Points
  • Aspero Carburetor

    4.33 out of 5

    Aspero Carburetor
    Carburetor is a new part for the Brushcutter. This Carburetor is uniquely worked for CG330 Brushcutter and can be situated inside the driving force of the Brushcutter.

    56 Points
  • The Automatic Feed Trolley assists with sending block, granular and powdered materials to the following gear equally and ceaselessly. It can likewise change the quantity of materials. It is reasonable for the course of programmed clustering, quantitative bundling, and programmed control. Make a buy today.

    7000 Points
  • Brushcutter trimmer line is a new parts for the Autocut. It comes in red tone and supplanted when the rope in the Autocut have been depleted. The Autocut is opened and the rope twisted inside.

    100 Points
  • Chainsaws

    4.67 out of 5

    Kanto trimming tools are ergonomic items utilized for different cutting exercises on and outside of the homestead. They have the accompanying provisions:

    2-phase motor, power 0.8 hp (600 W)

    Long bar 11.5

    Gas or gasohol blended fuel 2T (Auto Loop) 20: 1

    3500 RPM

    Fuel limit 310 ML

    Oil limit Engine oil 210 ML

    Trimming tools

    40 Points
  • We sell chips slicer which is a multipurpose machine utilized for cutting, grinding, destroying and cutting into chips or 3D squares, all things considered.

    The items are climate agreeable with superb plans.

    Force saving, simple to work, offers serious capacities.

    2835 Points
  • Corn Thresher 500kg

    4.44 out of 5

    Wheeled Corn Sheller Maize/ corn thresher is widely applied for livestock breeding, farms, and household usage. It separates the niblet(corn seeds) from cobs (corn stick) at high speed without any breakage of the niblet as well as cobs.

    2600 Points
  • Denso 150-3037 Oil Filter

    4.67 out of 5

    DENSO 150-3037 FTF Engine Oil Filter

    DENSO First Time Fit oil channels highlight an uncompromising steel case to oppose contortion, double layer filtration media for most extreme motor security, a shaped, pre-greased up o-ring to forestall spillage, and a silicone hostile to drainback valve to safeguard the motor against harming wear on chilly beginning up. If that wasn’t already enough, DENSO channels additionally utilize an inventive Torque Stopper case plan that forestalls over-fixing and improves on establishment.


    Rock solid steel case opposes contortion
    Pre-greased up shaped o-ring gives better fixing over conventional channels
    Remarkable Torque Stopper configuration keeps spills from under forcing

    Double layer filtration media for more prominent oil filtration

    34 Points
  • Digital Weighing Scale

    4.11 out of 5

    The digital weighing scale is a device used to measure mass or weight. It works with the use of a strain gauge load cell. The digital weighing scale converts the force of a weight to an electric signal.
    Digital Weighing Scale is the most accurate and precise analogue front-end instrument that uses force sensors to measure the load of an object.

    950 Points
  • Convenient Hand Push 68cc Gasoline Earth Auger Drill for Ground Hole Digger Tree Planting Digger Machine 3hp x 300mm

    Turner Tools Portable Hand Earth Auger Drill Tiller Used For Ground Hole Digger Machines Tree Planting Digger for eart penetrating

    Motor Model : 1E48F Displacement : 72cc Rated yield power : 2.2kw Engine type : Single chamber, four-stroke, air-cool Fuel tank limit : 1.1L Oil/Fuel combination proportion : 25:1 Ignition framework : CDI Starting mode : Recoil Starting Clutch framework : Automatic diffusive Max motor speed : 9200±200 r/min

    Driving mode : Gear drive Driller width : 100/150/200/250/300mm Drill length : 80cm/1m Idling

    speed : 3200±200 r/min

    Carburetor: Diaphgram Drive proportion : 30:1

    575 Points
  • Earth Auger Driller

    4.33 out of 5

    We do have Earth Auger (openings digger) ready to move. At the point when you really want to burrow further, our earth drills will assist you with doing the work effectively. They are worked to enter the ground rapidly and are especially appropriate to extreme soils.

    825 Points
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