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  • Chicken Friendly™ Boost is Fosera’s Evolutionary advancement. This strong and reasonable sun based generator intended for home and useful use can uphold requesting private companies and homes totally off-the-matrix. Presently selling in Nigeria, Chicken Friendly Boost is accessible on the web and supports adaptable installment choices.

    With an imaginative crossover mix of Lithium (LiFePO4) and a lead corrosive battery accessible in four strong sizes up to 1kWh, the Fosera EVO can uphold the most requesting family or business. With 5 V USB and 12 V outlet connectors, Fosera DC machines can be effectively run including lighting, telephone charging, radio, TV, fan, refrigeration and water warming.

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  • Chicken Friendly Pro

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    Chicken Friendly is an independent planetary group which is intended for upgraded off-framework charge and competent various useful use in off-network horticulture. Two implicit USB ports empower all inclusive charging of versatile machines.

    Simple to introduce:
    Chicken Friendly permits most straightforward Plug and Play establishment. No specialized
    abilities or exceptional preparation are required. Sunlight based modules, burdens or augmentations can be associated naturally with no danger to the framework or to individuals.


  • Family Sunshine Lamp

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    The Family SUNSHINE light is your durable light for family and outside. Its splendid light, evaluated at 300 lumens – 30X more brilliant than a run of the mill lamp oil light. Remain associated with loved ones any place you go, as the Family SUNSHINE likewise charges mobiles by means of the USB port. This item meets the Lighting Global quality norms

  • Home X Family

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    Home X Family sunlight based home framework is intended for little families and private companies. It can illuminate nine rooms, Charge cell phones by means of USB yield, and needn’t bother with any detail to introduce and set up.


  • We sell quality LED Solar Lamps that can be introduced on your field, ranch, home, working environment, and so on

    This gear is a high level bundle that comprises of a sun powered charger, driven light and battery. It has the accompanying stunning highlights:

    It has a shell that is A.B. S developed, a drove source cushion, lithium battery with high force of 24000 m/amp, a sunlight powered charger that is all around solidified and the sky is the limit from there.

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  • We sell quality LED Solar Lights that can be mounted on your field, home, work environment, and so on

    This hardware is a high level bundle that comprises of a sun powered charger, driven brightening and battery. It has the accompanying astounding highlights:

    It has a shell that is A.B. S built, a drove source cushion, lithium battery with high force of 24000 m/amp, a sunlight based charger that is very much solidified and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    Light really energizes the battery rather than how it is by and large idea that daylight energizes it, thusly it implies the enlightenment is gotten during this range of time.

    Heatproof, practical and simple to introduce.

    60 watts of power from our sun oriented lights.

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  • We offer LED Solar Lights which are exceptional sun oriented lights that can be introduced on your ranch, house, work environment, and so forth

    The offered item is an incorporated gadget with the sunlight powered charger, battery, and drove lights constructed across the board.

    It is furnished with an ABS coordinated shell, LED fix light source, 24000mAh high-limit lithium battery, poly-glasslike sunlight based charger, and so forth

    The gadget accuses of sunshine, not really with daylight and this guarantees a the entire year supply of light.

    It is waterproof, reasonable, and simple to introduce.

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  • Did you realize that water is the most significant however potentially most ignored contribution to rural practice? Never stress, SolarCreed offers an answer for this by giving you a day in and day out water supply the entire year!

    We offer Sunshine Splash Surface Pump which guarantees sunlight based controlled water stream on your homestead. It comes in various assortments however the one presently accessible for buy is SSS 550.

    Our items are created utilizing high strength material for sturdiness. They are especially valued by our purchasers because of the very much planned conveyance and dimensional exactness.

    They can be utilized for surface water sources, tanks, lakes, water move, dairy cattle and animals watering and water system.

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