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  • Ross 308 day-old chick broilers satisfy the demands of customers who require a bird that performs consistently well and has the versatility to meet a broad range of end-product requirements.

    • The price here is for a carton of 50 chicks. You can buy as many cartons as you want.
    • Schedule for vaccination/medication and product information guides will be forwarded to your mails upon placement of successful orders.
    • ALLĀ  Agrited Broiler (Bx) DOC’s are going to be hatchery vaccinated with (New Castle) VH + Infectious Bronchitis H 120
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  • Pullet Day-Old

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    We have tested. If you are in need of high-quality pullets, ISA Brown is the answer. Every ISA Brown pullet is raised in a closed, air-conditioned, hermetically sealed barn. You’ll get the best quality birds without the issues, like foot and mouth disease and bird flu and other infection.

    Click on our YouTube link to watch our customer Testimonials on the Pullet day old the order. click below link

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