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  • We offer nursery bags (or grow bags) which are high-quality bags widely used for growing nursery plants, saplings, bulbs, seedlings, etc.

    • Our nursery bags are dedicated to promoting the healthy growth of plants owing to their moisture-retaining the property.
    • The offered nursery bags are extensively used in the horticulture industry and are best for tree seedlings, plant nursery, bedding plants, tomatoes, cucumbers, just to mention a few.
    • Made of high-quality polyethene (PE) nylon material.
    • The price listed is for one bundle and a bundle contains 100 pieces of nursery bags.
    • The dimension of the offered grow bags is 21 cm by 13.2cm which is 8.27 x 5.2 inches and 210mm x 132mm
    • These nursery bags can carry up to 2kg of soil.

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  • Twine Rope Pack

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    Marking Twine/Pack of 80
    Marking Twine is utilized in marking vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, melons, peas, and so forth. It is likewise utilized in keeping natural products off the ground to stay away from tainting and spoiled spots.

    Highlights of Products
    Reasonable for marking both in open fields and nursery
    Great protection from scraped spot, decay, water, mold, and oil
    reasonable for baling, garden work, and rural purposes (marking)
    Bundling size: 80 for every pack

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