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  • Immuneo Granules is a top notch item that is a powerful insusceptibility supporting item containing multi-spice constituents which have resistance helping properties.

    It is a dietary enhancement to be utilized for repetitive (repeating) and ongoing diseases of the ear, nose, and throat region.

    Our Immuneo Granules advance the remuneration of invulnerable deficiencies. Note that resistant shortfalls happen in instances of diminished admission of imperative substances, expanded powerlessness to contamination because of sickness, after incessant organization of anti-toxins, because of ongoing infections of the gastrointestinal framework, and after chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

    The uniqueness of this item as well as decreasing pressure is its antibacterial, calming, antifungal, insecticidal, and liver tonic properties.

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  • Nutech Lyta Vite Plus Dextrose Powder is utilized for the therapy of skin diseases, nutrient insufficiencies, vision anomalies, ongoing torment, hyperhomocysteinemia, heart conditions, chest torment, leg torment and that’s just the beginning.

    Lytavite is a particular powder combination of multivitamin and dextrose, important to support productivity and to counter inadequacies in poultry birds.

    Its Uses

    Nutech Lyta Vite Powder is utilized for the fix, control and counteraction of sicknesses, for example,

    Skin issues

    Nutrient inadequacies

    Eye problems

    Heart issues


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