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  • Watermelon kaolack seeds develop as oval-formed organic product, huge size, light green strip.

    Due to their tube shaped round shape, they are frequently called the “cooler sort” and they are sufficiently sizeable to fit in the fridge.
    It has superb protection from fusarium and anthracnosis (Colletotrichum legendarium).
    Planting is 350-400g per hectare.
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    Watermelon Kaolack: Product highlights
    Planting: 350-400g per hectare.
    Distance: 4-5 seeds for every opening. Meager out while grew leaving the most grounded plant.
    Long stretches of development: 70-90 days.
    Bundle size: 100g.
    Natural product weight: 5-6kg.
    Natural product skin tone: Light green, with fine medium green stripes.
    Internal tissue highlights: Red tone, crunchy and sweet.

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