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    We offer Roma VF tomato which is a determinate, glue style tomato created by Premier Seeds, a respectable maker of treated crop seeds.

    Roma VF has thick, substantial tissue and generally couple of seeds. Also, the Roma VF is impervious to both Verticillium and Fusarium shrinks (subsequently the “VF”).
    The plants are minimal and yield overflowing measures of 3-inch long natural products that come out one or the other pear-or plum-molded. Set in a bright area and prepare for an enormous gather.
    Days to development: 75 – 95 days.
    We convey across the country!

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    Super Yali onion seeds (100gm)
    Globe molded, meager necks, profoundly single focused with an alluring dark red tone. Great security and high market esteem.

    Seed rate: 1Kg per section of land

    Development period: 45 days in a nursery bed and 75-80 days subsequent to relocating.

    Plant energy: Strong

    Weight: 80-100gm per natural product bulb.

    Environment: Mid and high elevation.

    Resilience: Downy mold, purple smudge, shooting, and parting.

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    The Kaolack watermelon seeds from Tecnisem Seeds organization develop as oval-formed natural products, enormous size, light green strip. It is additionally well impervious to fusarium and anthracnose.

    The products of Kaolack are likewise around 5-6 kg, with light green skin tone, finely medium green striped. The red tissue tone is crunchy and sweet, all around valued by purchasers.

    Item Features:

    Planting: 350-400g per hectare.
    Distance: 4-5 seeds for every opening. Slight out while growing to leave the most grounded plant.
    Long stretches of Maturity: 70-90 days.
    Bundle size: 500g.

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  • Tropimech Tomato seeds is a determinate combination plant with high normal item setting and improvement, its quality ensures commonly phenomenal protecting during movement as a result of its endurance.

    Thing Features:

    Size: 100g | pack
    Shape: Egg shape
    Typical weight: 90-100 gr
    Strength: Very incredible steadiness
    Advancement: Early: from 65 to 70 days from moving to harvest
    Assortment: Uniform tone

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