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  • Pelletizer. Capacity -100kg/hr Power source – electricity Die installed -2mm,4mm,6mm Motor power- 3kW, 220v Weight – 81kg process livestock feeds such as feeds for fishes, chicken, rabbit, etc

    3400 Points

    1. Produce high-quality pellets at a maximum speed of 100kg/hr with this powerful pelletizing machine.
    2. Save time and energy with its 4kw, 220V motor which requires minimal maintenance and consumes less electricity.
    3. Create pellets in different sizes (2mm, 4mm, 6mm) to meet the varied needs of your customers or animals like fishes, chickens, rabbits, etc.,
    4. Enjoy a hassle-free operation as the pelletizer is lightweight (81kg) and easy to install.
    5. Make the most out of your raw material with the help of automated processes to ensure maximum output with minimum wastage.

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