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  • Mektin – 100ml

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    Abamectin is utilized for controlling of motile phases of bugs, leaf excavators, suckers, Colorado creepy crawlies, and so on ornamentals, cotton, citrus natural product, pome organic product, nut crops, vegetables

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  • Wonderful Killer effectively controls termites and other soil dreadful little animal in fields, estate and in Factories. Can likewise be utilized on furnishings and structures. Its gives a better strategy than secure your home against termites, skilled worker subterranean insects, carpenter bumble bees and other wood-destroying bugs. Can be utilized both inside and outside.

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  • Rice Hope (100ml)

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    RICEHOPE is a post emergence herbicide for rice farm to govern bindweed and some annual huge-leaved weeds in food and non-meals conditions. Rice Hope Pre-emergence, early publish-emergence selective contact agricultural herbicide includes (bispyribac sodium) as the active Ingredient.

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