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  • We offer nursery bags (or grow bags) which are high-quality bags widely used for growing nursery plants, saplings, bulbs, seedlings, etc.

    • Our nursery bags are dedicated to promoting the healthy growth of plants owing to their moisture-retaining the property.
    • The offered nursery bags are extensively used in the horticulture industry and are best for tree seedlings, plant nursery, bedding plants, tomatoes, cucumbers, just to mention a few.
    • Made of high-quality polyethene (PE) nylon material.
    • The price listed is for one bundle and a bundle contains 100 pieces of nursery bags.
    • The dimension of the offered grow bags is 21 cm by 13.2cm which is 8.27 x 5.2 inches and 210mm x 132mm
    • These nursery bags can carry up to 2kg of soil.

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