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  • Buy our top notch manure and be guaranteed that your plants will continue to spring up wonderfully and emphatically in light of the fact that a water-solvent compost contains each of the three significant plant supplements.

    This item (Liquid NPK Fertilizer Concentrate) considers supported supplement extraction all through a plant’s development.
    It is best for seed germination, speed increase of root arrangement and advancement, and support of excellent plant items.
    It is appropriate for Rice, Maize, Wheat, Tomatoes, Cocoa, and so on.
    Net substance is 4 liters.
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  • It is a contact herbicide with just confined movement to uncovered pieces of the plants (for example leaves and their cells), subsequently careful inclusion is basic.
    It disrupts photosynthesis of powerless plants interfering with the utilization of carbon dioxide in the plant and in this way disallowing the creation of carbs.
    The weed eventually starves to death because of carb exhaustion.
    Protected on all field pea and dry bean crops.

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