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  • Variety: Cucumber Ashley


    • Highly productive and widely adapted gynoecious slicing variety with excellent disease tolerance package.
    • For optimal production and high-quality fruits, it’s recommended to stick or trellis the variety.
    • Cucumber fruit has many health benefits and highly recommended as part of the daily meal.
    • Plant features:
    • Ashley is a uniform succulent dark green blocky cylindrical fruit that averages 12-15 cm long.
    • Maturity: 40-45 days.
    • Yield potential: 25-27 tons/acre.
    • Ideal for all fresh market
  • 10,000.00
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  • Plant:

    • Plant produces large crisp heads of dark green lettuce.
    • Excellent flavor and perfect for salads and sandwiches
    • Strong plant producing uniform heads.

    Plant features:

    • Strong, larger and more uniform than other Lettuce varieties.
    • Variety slow to bolt and is resistant to heat and tip burn.
    • Maturity: 60-70 days after transplanting

    N.B: Price is for 10g sachet seeds.

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  • Green Pepper


    10g – 1150 Seeds

    25g – 2875 Seeds


    – Medium tall, erect plant with good vigour and cover

    – Fruits are deep blocky (3-4 lobes) with smooth skin and thick walls

    – Average fruit weight is approximately 170-200 gms

    – Yield potential: 20-25 tons/acre under good agronomic practice

    – Excellent resistance to TOBAMO viruses, pepper mild mottle virus, Potato virus Y

    Seeds Rate per acre: 125g

    Seeds Rate per Hectare: 310g

    Seeds per gram:115 seeds

    Recommended Spacing: 60 x 45cm

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