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  • Corn Thresher 500kg

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    Wheeled Corn Sheller Maize/ corn thresher is widely applied for livestock breeding, farms, and household usage. It separates the niblet(corn seeds) from cobs (corn stick) at high speed without any breakage of the niblet as well as cobs.

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  • The Honey King F1 Sweet Corn Seeds is a tropical hybrid sweet corn that has a sweet taste. The Honey King F1 has sturdy plant energy and a strong root gadget, making it tolerant to lodging. This variety is a nicely-performing hybrid developed for tropical situations, exact eating best, and high yield.


    Variety name: Honey King F1 (Harvest Field)
    Colour: Yellow
    Early maturity: 71 to seventy three days.
    Length(cm): 20 to 21.
    Resistance: streak virus (MSV).
    Sachet size: 250g

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