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  • Abamet 18 EC is an insect poison that acts fundamentally by ingestions yet additionally has contact and translaminar movement implying that the dynamic fixing passes into the leaf tissue framing a harmful repository of Abamectin that keeps on killing vermin as they feed on the mesophyll tissue.

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    Class: Acaricide/Miticide, Insecticide
    Dynamic Ingredient: Abamectin 18g/l EC
    Definition: Emulsifiable concentrate…
    Depiction: Contact and translaminar method of activity.
    Bundling size: 100ml.

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  • Soil Force Herbicide (EC)

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    Soil Force Herbicide (EC)
    Soil Force is an expansive range pre-development herbicide and post-rise herbicide to control yearly and enduring grasses in many yields. Its dynamic fixing Haloxyfop-Methyl is consumed by the foliage and less significantly by roots. It is then, at that point, moved to effectively developing meristematic tissue where it hinders development.
    Item Features
    Dynamic Ingredient: Haloxyfop-Methyl 108g/L
    Application Rate: 1L/ha
    Measurement: 40-50ml/15L rucksack
    Application Stage: 3-6 leaves of the weed development stage.
    Bundling Size: 250ml
    Viable harvests: vegetables, organic products, cotton and Pea.

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