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  • The California Wonder pepper is a ringer pepper assortment from Jubaili. An assortment is generally adjusted that produces extremely solid approaches that are not difficult to develop and creates very much framed, delicious, crunchy, huge pepper organic products. This pepper assortment is exceptionally famous, and very much wanted by numerous business ranchers and home gardners.

    Item Features:

    Seed type: Open-pollinated
    Bundling size: 10g/25g
    Natural product size: 3-4 inches
    Consumable sort: Vegetable
    Daylight: around 6 hours
    Dispersing: 12 – 15″ (30 – 38cm)
    Seed rate: 1 – 1.5
    Development days: 75 days (in the wake of relocating)
    Normal yield: 15 – 20 t/ha.

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