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  • As the name recommends, one of the vital properties of this item is the hose’s capacity to be laid level for stockpiling purposes.


    100m length, 2inches width (Blue/Black)
    100m length, 3 inches width (Blue/Black)
    Kindly Note

    Our excellent scope of Layflat hoses come in blue or dark tones and are appropriate for a wide assortment of agrarian undertakings.
    The offered layflat hoses are produced using PVC materials, making them very adaptable and impervious to wrinkles, taking into account simple pressure when not being used.
    The item is great for stockpiling, have the simplicity of shipping, as well as being easy to use.
    The costs recorded are for 100 meters of the layflat hoses. You can purchase however many lengths as you need.

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  • One of this product’s primary features is the hose’s capacity to be laid flat for storage, as the name would imply.


    2 inches wide, 100 meters long (blue/black).
    3 inches wide, 100 meters long (blue/black).

    280 Points
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