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  • It is a hand sprayer designed to purposefully improve sprinkling feature efficiency, usability and efficiency. Hand spray for carrots, beans, sugar canes, bananas, coffee and so forth is commonly used. Plant protection processes They are suitable for the use of government sanitation or disinfection, with high longevity and efficiency.

    • This sprayer allows farmers to make very easy use of chemicals, especially where access to gasoline or other fuel sources is low or unavailable.
    • Can be used in tomato, corn, sugar cane, fruit trees, coffee trees, and so on for plant protection.
    • These are suitable for public hygiene and disinfection.

    Description Of The Product

    Type: Hand Sprayers

    Brand Name: Magic Farms Logo

    Sprayer Type: Hand Sprayer

    Material: Plastic.

    Plastic Type: PP

    Color: Red

    Power source: Manual

    Working pressure: 0.2-0.3Mpa

    Size: 36×17.5x51cm

    Certification: CE, CCC

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