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  • Maximize your phosphorus plant nutrient efficiency with our Maxi MAP fertilizer.

    • Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) is a widely used source of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N). It contains the most phosphorus of any common solid fertilizer.
    • In addition to optimizing efficiency, it also reduces the risk of crop yield and quality loss.
    • It is usually applied by broadcasting or during sowing.
    • Suitable crops are sugar beet, perenni
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  • We offer Maxi MOP which is essential for plant growth and yield quality.

    • Due to its vital role in many plant systems, potassium improves plant durability and improves yield quality.
    • In addition, it improves drought resistance, increases winter hardiness, improves disease resistance, and storage life.
    • Our Maxi MOP can be dissolved for fluid fertilizers or applied through irrigation systems.

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