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  • Shade nets are fabricated with polypropylene materials, usually carried out in shading safe haven, windbreak and fence. The lightweight, long lasting and extremely good UV resistant color-fabric nets can decrease warmth build-up, wind speed and UV harm to greenhouse vegetation effectively.


    They are lightweight.
    Great UV resistance.
    They may be mounted and removed without problems.
    Excellent structure with terrific durability
    Flexible, Light, robust and clean to unfold and can be positioned on simple help systems.
    Size: 2m with the aid of 40m
    Colour: Black

    170 Points
  • Staking Net/100m*2m

    3.50 out of 5

    Staking Net/100m*2m
    Staking net is a unique type of polythene net used for the staking of crops. With staking net, vegetation like cucumber, pepper, and tomato can be held upwards in order that they may no longer touch the soil. A staking net is usually attached to stakes; those stakes can be made from timber, metal, or plastic.

    Features of Staking Net

    Durable and strong
    Size: 100mx2m
    Usage: Vegetable Plant Supporting Net

    24 Points
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