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  • The Stationary Engine GX200’s Precision Camshaft configuration offers exact valve timing and ideal valve cross-over for better eco-friendliness.

    It draws on many years of Honda designing with its OHV configuration, conveying expanded productivity and ideal power move for where you really want it.

    Furthermore, the GX200 consolidates a high pressure proportion for preferable eco-friendliness over its rivals.

    275 Points
  • Simple to work
    High force
    Strong engine
    Device less edge change and change
    Longer functional life
    Phenomenal execution.
    Fuel Consumption: 2.0 kW/hr (Motor) and 15 mm/sec(Output)

    Upto 40 cm(16 Inch) breadth for delicate wood/tree and upto 30 cm(12 Inch) width for wood/tree

    300 Points