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  • Hybrid Banana Sucker

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    sucker is a lateral shoot that develops from the rhizome and emerges from the soil usually near the parent plant. It is a form of asexual, or vegetative, reproduction, that makes the banana plant perennial. Suckers emerge and ensure a more or less continuous supply of shoots, each capable of producing an inflorescence. They have been used as planting material since the early days of domestication by severing them from the mat and transplanting them to a new location.

    Both wild species of bananas and cultivated bananas produce suckers. The clump of plants formed by the parent plant and its suckers is commonly called a mat. The botanical term for a mat is genet, and for a sucker is ramet.

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  • Treated Giant cross breed Plantain suckers are high-yielding plants with resistive properties against a large number of sicknesses. They can likewise adjust to various biological systems in Nigeria.

    Send in your orders now to get your treated monster cross breed plantain suckers today!

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  • Pure Plantain Flour

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    A paint can of unripe plantain, cleaned and mixed to give unadulterated plantain flour.

    Newness ensured.

    Pure Plantain Flour is wealthy in iron and potassium, Vitamin A, vitamin B, magnesium and phosphorus. For individuals with gluten prejudice, it is the ideal substitute for flours containing gluten. It is high in fiber and helps in assimilation.

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  • Ripe Plantain (Portion)

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    Plantain (portion) which may be very common in Nigeria may be very just like bananas however large in length. Plantains are called a vegetable and are normally cooked earlier than eating. Plantains are typically green however flip yellow while they’re ripe. When you buy a portion of plantain from FarmPays.Com, what you get is a healthy ripe portion of plantains. The portion includes randomly between four-5 plantain sticks and they are fresh, huge, and healthy. It may be cooked and eaten instantly up or it may be brought to praise every other meal. To name some, it is able to be used to make plantain porridge or fried to play complement to other food.

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