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  • Greytop F1 Hybrid Watermelon from Sakata Seeds is a decent organic product setting cross breed watermelon with high sugar content to appreciate greatest fulfillment.

    Populace Guide: 6 000 last stands for every hectare.
    Seed type: Hybrid
    Pack size: 1000 seeds
    Variety: Light green with fine dim green stripes
    Development Date: 80 – 90 days subsequent to planting.

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  • Might you want to establish tomato seeds of the best assortment on your ranch? Sakata Sahara F1 Tomato Seeds is a lot of accessible here!

    We convey Sakata Sahara F1 with an amazing sweet taste, which is a determinate cross breed assortment. It is likewise known for the ideal creation of exceptionally firm, oval-formed natural products.

    It matures 74 days subsequent to relocating. This item is profoundly reasonable for dry season cultivating. It is additionally truly appropriate for all homegrown business sectors where the interest is for stretched and oval tomato organic products shape.

    Bundle Size: 1000 seeds.

    Conveyance is across the country.

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