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  • We offer Irrigation Spray Tube which is a fundamental part of water system frameworks.

    Water system shower tube is water-saving gear that requires low water pressure which truly helps save power and water.
    It splashes equitably, assisting with further developing the germination pace of seeds and the endurance pace of seedlings.
    Trickle water system frameworks circulate water through an organization of valves, lines, tubing, and producers.
    The offered item comes in changing distances across and lengths, contingent upon explicit necessities.
    Contingent upon how very much planned, introduced, kept up with, and worked it is, a dribble water system framework can be more productive than different sorts of water system frameworks.
    Put in your requests now and we convey cross country.

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  • The offered shower weapon is a superior presentation water system gadget intended for an assortment of purposes and applications where somewhat high streams and broadened sweep of the water toss are wanted. This 360-degree pivoting splash weapon is accessible with a working tension of 3 to 8 bar and stream of 13 and 82 m3/hr.

    These devices have top notch enemy of maturing materials and they cover enormous objective regions and splash water drops equitably. The splash head is customizable to give particular examples and speed.

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  • The Spray Tube Irrigation Kit is used to apply water to crops using hoses or tapes that resemble sprinklers. With the help of this spray tube irrigation, farmers may grow crops all year round and get the best yield possible even during dry seasons.

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