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  • Here’s a gorgeous all-purpose slicing/pickling type. The plants are of bush habit, usually running no more than 18”, making them superior for small gardens, containers, or anywhere space is tight. Fruits hold well on the plants, so avoiding the need for constant picking. Plants are also tolerant of Downy Mildew, which is so often a problem in humid-summer climates. The bumpy, brightly striped exterior is particularly attractive as well. A superb new Polish variety!

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    variety : ESMARA - MARKETE - POINTSE
  • We offer New Hope super-starter feed (for grills) which is properly figured out to guarantee early oven development and further developed wellbeing. This outcomes in high, reproducible and beneficial domesticated animals creation results.

    Our super-starters are exceptional nourishing bundle taken care of to oven chickens for the initial three to five days post-hatch.
    They contain various wellsprings of protein, fats and starches along with explicit nutrients, minerals, and amino corrosive incorporations.
    This is introduced in the disintegrated structure and bundled in 25kg sacks.
    They come in business and expert apportions. Submit a request contingent upon your decision!

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  • Very Fifty Fertilizer
    Very Fifty Fertilizer is produced by BioAtlantis Ltd., a famous Biotechnology organization situated in Ireland, Europe. They are among the world chiefs for assembling Ascophyllum nodosum ocean growth remove. We offer Super Fifty Fertilizer which is the world’s most noteworthy concentrated concentrate of Ascophyllum nodosum green growth. It is an “natural” or “normal” manure which develops the ripeness of the dirt and gives guaranteed brings about terms of yield and nature of produce.

    It contains a rich exhibit of bioactive parts with higher natural action than options.
    Bioactive particles present in Super Fifty capacity as plant strengtheners. The fortifying impact of the item relies generally upon the development phases of individual yields. Subsequently, applying Super fifty at various time focuses is basic for making progress.
    Besides, the cell reinforcement action of Super Fifty can lessen stresses brought about by testing developing circumstances or climatic varieties.
    Very Fifty has been shown by different exploration establishments all around the world to increment execution, attractive grade, root development, and decrease pressure.

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    Super Yali onion seeds (100gm)
    Globe molded, meager necks, profoundly single focused with an alluring dark red tone. Great security and high market esteem.

    Seed rate: 1Kg per section of land

    Development period: 45 days in a nursery bed and 75-80 days subsequent to relocating.

    Plant energy: Strong

    Weight: 80-100gm per natural product bulb.

    Environment: Mid and high elevation.

    Resilience: Downy mold, purple smudge, shooting, and parting.

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