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  • In agriculture, a harrow (often called a set of harrows in a plurale tantum sense) is an implement for breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil. … Coarser harrowing may also be used to remove weeds and to cover seed after sowing.

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  • plough or plow is a farm tool for loosening or turning the soil before sowing seed or planting. … The prime purpose of ploughing is to turn over the uppermost soil, so bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while burying weeds and crop remains to decay. Trenches cut by the plough are called furrows.

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  • A seed drill is used for sowing seeds. Wheat, gram, sorghum, millet, etc. can be sown through this machine. Along with sowing at the same depth of seeds, the seed drill is an extremely useful device for sowing.

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