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1. Produce high-quality pellets at a maximum speed of 100kg/hr with this powerful pelletizing machine.
2. Save time and energy with its 4kw, 220V motor which requires minimal maintenance and consumes less electricity.
3. Create pellets in different sizes (2mm, 4mm, 6mm) to meet the varied needs of your customers or animals like fishes, chickens, rabbits, etc.,
4. Enjoy a hassle-free operation as the pelletizer is lightweight (81kg) and easy to install.
5. Make the most out of your raw material with the help of automated processes to ensure maximum output with minimum wastage.

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Get more done faster with the 100kg/hr Pelletizing Machine. Our machine is equipped with powerful 3 kW motors and can process livestock feeds quickly, making it efficient and reliable. With the two, four, and six millimeter die installed, you can create pellets of varying sizes to meet all your needs. Plus, with its lightweight design at only 81kg, our pelletizing machine is easy to transport for any job.

3 reviews for 100kg/hr PELLETING MACHINE

  1. Julian (verified owner)

    “I have used pesticide for years on my farm, and recently I switched to a more eco-friendly substance. One day this little cricket hopped out of the soil and started crawling up my arm. It was very strange, I had never seen anything like it before. That night I could not sleep at all. It felt as though these creepy crawlies were crawling all over me. The next morning I saw that there was an outbreak of crickets in my fields. My colleagues told me about how

  2. Hamed (verified owner)

    “I like my breakfast simple, but always satisfying. My morning wouldn’t be complete without a nice cup of KELLOGG’S RAISIN BRAN cereal. It tastes great. And, it has a side of 12 vitamins—so

  3. Zohar (verified owner)

    “I have been using this pesticide for years and I have never regretted it. This product has a great deal of power, but it also has low toxicity levels. It’s great because the pest doesn’t get to you first.”

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