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This 3 tier battery cage houses birds in a compact unit providing easy access to the feeding trough and nipple drinker. It provides value for money in that 90-96 birds will take up a meager 4 square meter (77 inches length by  78 inches width) of space making it an ideal cage for poultry farmers.

  • The aluminum feeder is lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Each cage unit comes with 4 wooden support slabs (3 by 4 inches) specially adapted to provide support for the metal stands


This is the ideal poultry cage for poultry pen houses with restricted floor and flying space. Its capacity to house 120 birds in only 3 levels makes it extremely affordable for poultry ranchers willing to raise countless birds yet with restricted space.

It additionally accompanies the neighborhood PVC feeder which is an entirely tough material empowering the rancher to utilize the cage for a drawn out timeframe, as long as 10 years, when contrasted with the aluminum feeders.

Each cage unit accompanies 4 wooden help pieces (3 by 4 inches) uncommonly adjusted to offer help for the metal stands

The areola consumers are of the Drip-Cup models just as the Clip-Type models.

The  Premium Semi-programmed Poultry Cages are intended for spotless and simple egg pressing just as insignificant feed spillage when taking care of chickens. They accompany all necessary water frill and bordering parts.

The poultry cages are reasonable for a wide range of egg-laying chickens including reproducers, layers, place of-lay and mark of cage birds. They are very much intended for perfect and simple assortment of eggs, a consistent serving of feed and simple administration of the whole cage.

The manufactured plastic feeder is produced using an engineered plastic material called Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which forestalls rust and accordingly endures longer. Likewise, they assist with forestalling feed wastage in light of their shape.



Length Width Height
1 Inches 86 72 60
2 Feet 7.2 6.6 5


Characteristics of the 120 birds capacity cage

  • Each cell can hold up to 4 birds
  • Each cage has 5 cells
  • A whole unit contains 6 cages in 3 tiers (3 cages on each side)

All  Cages Come With

  • Full automatic Drinking system (drip-cup drinkers or clip type nipple drinkers)
  • Premium feeding system to avoid feed wastage
  • Durable Frames for the cages
  • Good quality Connecting fittings

We also provide:

  • One year warranty
  • Free Installation for orders of 4 units and above. Orders for less than 4 units include additional costs for installation and transportation of workers

If you require a special specification (that is not included), please state that in your enquiry and we would let you know if we have that too.


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