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Agriforce is a particular, fundamental post-development herbicide in wet cultivated rice, dry cultivated and relocated rice, against grasses, and wide leaved weeds. This item is a compelling weed executioner from Jubaili Agrotec.

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Agriforce is a particular, foundational post-development herbicide in wet cultivated rice, dry cultivated and relocated rice, against grasses, and expansive leaved weeds.

Dynamic Ingredient in AgriForce Herbicide

Bispyribac Sodium 100g/L SC. It has a place with benzoic corrosive mixtures and is an exceptionally dynamic ALS inhibitor with high proficiency, expansive range and incredibly low dose. It can really control farm grass and other gramineous weeds in rice fields, and can likewise control most broadleaf weeds, some sedge weeds and farm grass that produce obstruction.

Preventive Measures When Spraying AgriForce Herbicide
With the utilization of herbicides, there is a sure gamble of inebriation to straightforwardly uncovered specialists, which relies upon a few elements. Risk elements can be assembled in the harmfulness of herbicides and openness given by the particular working circumstances. consequently, it is critical to keep risk the board rehearses in real life to stay away from influences. The accompanying applies while showering herbicides:

Defensive dress ought to be utilized related to respiratory defensive gadgets to forestall skin contact and inward breath of herbicides. Defensive dress might incorporate elastic covers, coveralls, synthetic sprinkle goggles, wellbeing shoes and hard caps.
Try not to transport or convey pesticides along with food or feed in a manner that permits defilement of the palatable things.
Keep pesticides in unique holders until utilized. Store them in a locked bureau, fabricating, or fenced region where they are not open to youngsters, unapproved people, pets, or animals. Try not to store pesticides with food varieties, feed, composts, or different materials that might become debased by the pesticides.
Discard void holders cautiously. Never reuse them. Ensure void holders are not open to kids or creatures. Never discard holders where they might taint water supplies or regular streams.
NOTE: Read Product Manual before use for application directions

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