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The utilization and demand for ascorbic acid by livestock increases during periods of heat-stress but its synthesis is limited.

Vitamin C thus plays an important role in enhancing energy supply during stressful situations-as an exogenous source.

This helps improve performance, as well as other beneficial effects when included in the diet of livestock.

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Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a 6-carbon lactone which is integrated from glucose by domesticated animals. Birds can blend ascorbic corrosive, notwithstanding, this is lacking under pressure conditions. Oxidative harm has been fingered to increment with a decrease in plasma levels of zinc, folic corrosive, nutrients C and E and different minerals.

The advantages of ascorbic corrosive for domesticated animals

By and large characterized as natural mixtures that are needed in limited quantities in slims down for ordinary development, wellbeing, and propagation, they go about as go betweens of or take an interest in major biochemical pathways.

Nutrient C improves the biosynthesis of the chemical corticosterone-known to build energy supply during times of pressure.

Consequently it works on the exhibition of recently brought forth, developing and grown-up birds-after pressure conditions.

It likewise balances the unfriendly impacts of ominous climate and lodging conditions, and on account of inebriations or illnesses.

They are associated with the oxidation and decrease buildings bringing about the exchange of the hydrogen-connected to the adrenal chemicals.

Supplementation of poultry abstains from food with nutrient C further develops egg creation, development rate, egg-shell strength, and thickness, spermatozoa creation, and fruitfulness.

Nutrient C goes about as an enemy of oxidant and photoprotectant, along these lines it improves cell cancer prevention agent protections by restricting bright (UV) light openness initiated harm.

Works on supplement edibility and feed effectiveness.

Ascorbic corrosive is a characteristic antihistamine (detoxifies and forestalls the arrival of histamine)

Nutrient C lifts the resistant framework by adjusting phagocytic action, thusly it works with wound mending.

Measurement and Administration

Suggested: Vit C/Ton of complete feed

Chicken: 100 – 200 g covered Vit C/ton of feed

Piglet: 100 – 200 g covered Vit C/ton of feed

Turkey: 80 – 100 g covered Vit C/ton of feed

Catfish: 100 – 500 g covered Vit C/ton of feed (cold water fish)


Store dry and in all around shut pressing

Store under +25 degrees and shield from light


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