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The Hot Pepper Habanero has a growing season of 90-100 days and loves hot environmental conditions. The pods are wrinkled, 5cm long and 2.5cm in diameter and color from green to red. It is an extremely hot pepper with flavored fruity overtones. Wonderful for salsas, marinades, and making your own hot sauce
  • These seeds have been treated with Bio-Stimulants which confer: Increased germination energy, increased root growth, increased vegetative growth, increased fruit set, increased fruit quality (shape, weight, color), increased resistance to climatic stress, advanced ripening, etc

Habanero Red Pepper Seeds

The large blocky fruit of this variety starts off with a fresh green colour turning to red . The fruit walls are thick and fleshy and the shoulders of the fruit are shallow with a very good calyx attachment. The plants carry a high yield and have an average height indoors of 160 cm, but will in outdoor conditions be semi-compact with a good cover against sunscalding. If planted in double rows outside with a short staked support, a very high yield over a long picking period can be achieved. The resistance against PVY is an added value.

Features (Seeds/Plant/Fruit)

  • Hybrid, pre-packed seeds
  • Type of cultivation: Glasshouse, Nethouse, Open field, Plastic house
  • Yield (visual) Very high
  • Plant vigor: Strong
  • Plant continuance Medium   |   Plant height (+cm) Medium 160 cm
  • Internode length Short
  • Fruit shape Rectangular / Blocky
  • Fruit length (cm) 10 – 12   |   Fruit diameter (cm) 9 – 10
  • Wall thickness: Thick
  • Fruit color before maturity: Green
  • Final fruit color: Red
  • Fruit weight (gr) 180 – 220
  • Fruit weight uniformity: Good   |   Fruit shape uniformity: Good
  • Attachment: Pendant
  • Lobes/cells: Three or four   |   Blossom scar Very small
  • Cracking on sides and shoulders: No cracking
  • Silvering: Almost none
  • Micro cracking sides and shoulders: Low amount
  • Calyx: touching or not touch fruit: Fully touching
  • Firmness when fruit ready to pick: Firm
  • Pungency: Sweet


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