Basagran is a unique soluble herbicide formulation of Bentazon 480g/L. If you want safe, effective control over a range of broadleaf weeds, get Basagran herbicide.

  • It is a contact herbicide with only localized translocation to exposed parts of the plants (i.e. leaves and their cells), therefore thorough coverage is critical.
  • It interferes with the photosynthesis of susceptible plants interrupting the use of carbon dioxide in the plant and therefore prohibiting the production of carbohydrates.
  • The weed ultimately starves to death due to carbohydrate depletion.
  • Safe on all field pea and dry bean crops.

For more information, please review the product safety data sheet and additional labels which will be forwarded to your emails upon placement of successful orders.

Basagran 480g/l

Basagran is a soluble concentrate of Bentazon. It is a selective and contact post-emergence herbicide indicated for the control of weeds of beans, soyabeans, sorghum, corn, peanuts, peas etc.

  • It is an efficient crop protection product with excellent weed control, reliability and favorable environmental attributes.
  • Basagran has unrivaled efficacy, even on the toughest weeds and in weather conditions where inferior formulations fail to perform.
  • It results in increased hectares sprayed with increased concentration of active ingredient, time-saving and more productive utilization of labor and equipment.

Active Ingredient:

It contains 480g of Bentazon/L as a soluble concentrate.


  • Faster uptake and symptoms.
  • Contact herbicide for the control of post-emergent weeds.
  • Greater consistency in a wider range of weather conditions.
  • Powerful formulation with selective action.
  • Symptoms develop more quickly allowing cultivation intervals to be reduced.
  • Basagran is compatible with other products such as Roundup, 2,4-DB amine etc.

Directions for use:

In perennials, Basagran offers a broad window of application and controls Canada thistle up to 8 inches in height.

Field peas: Soon after 3 pairs of leaves form
Soybeans: Unifoliate to two expanded trifoliate leaf stage, usually 18 – 20 days after planting
Lima, dry, snap beans (including white, kidney, black, pinto): 1 – 3 trifoliate leaves
Faba beans: Soon after 3-leaf stage

Timing of Applications
Apply Basagran herbicide early, when weeds are small and actively growing/before weeds reach the maximum size. Early application produces the most beneficial effect on weed control, allows the use of the lower rate (depending on weed species), and makes it easier to obtain thorough spray coverage.
Delay in the application which permits weeds to exceed the maximum size will result in inadequate control.

The recommended rates for Basagran are 0.7 L/acre – 0.9 L/acre.

Water Volume 
Ground: Apply with a minimum of 40 L/ac of water
Air: Apply with a minimum of 20 L/ac of water

Mixing Instructions

  1. Fill clean spray tank half full with clean water. Start agitation system.
  2. If required, add the correct amount of nitrogen source. Do not add nitrogen source when tank mixing Basagran with Pinnacle, Reflex or 2, 4-D Amine or Ester and Assist or XA oil concentrate.
  3. Continuous agitation is required to keep additional chemicals in suspension. On repeat tank loads, prepare water slurry in a separate container with clean water before adding to spray tank.
  4. Add the correct amount of Basagran and agitate 2 – 3 minutes before spraying.

Spraying Instructions

  1. Minimum spray volume is 100 L/ha. Use larger water volumes (up to 400 L/ha) for weeds at the upper limit of their recommended stage of treatment.
  2. Minimum spray pressure is 275 kPa. Use higher pressure (up to 425 kPa) for weeds at the upper limit of their recommended stage for treatment.
  3. Basagran has very little residual activity if any at all. It breaks down rapidly and therefore will not affect subsequent crops.
  4. Basagran can stay in the spray tank overnight however it must be mixed thoroughly before heading into the field the next day.
  5. Your spray timing is determined by the stage of the primary target weed.
  6. Rainfall within 6 to 8 hours of application may reduce effectiveness.
  7. For optimal results, use 8004 spray nozzles at 40 psi, with a minimum of 20 gallons per acre of spray solution.


  • Spray on target weeds
  • Not to be sprayed in windy conditions (above 10mph).
  • Do not allow spray mist drift unto desirable vegetation (Applicator must follow the most restrictive use cautions to avoid drift hazards, including those found in the labeling).
  • Use slightly alkaline water with buffer (ammonium sulfate) to dissolve.
  • Spray actively growing weeds (In irrigated areas, it may be necessary to irrigate prior to treatment with Basagran to ensure that weeds are growing actively. Weeds growing under drought conditions usually are not satisfactorily controlled).


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