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Cabrio Duo is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum fungicide supplied by Seedworld Integrated Concept Limited. The fungicide has a high level of activity on major diseases that threaten crop yield, quality, and productivity.

  • It contains an active ingredient called pyraclostrobin that makes it possible for optimization of disease control on your farm, improving plant health.
  • Our product is trusted and it is registered for use on more than 70 crops to have control over 30 crop diseases.
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Cabrio Duo Fungicide

Cabrio Duo fungicide is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum fungicide with a high level of activity on major diseases that threaten crop yield and quality. It is registered for use on more than 70 crops to have control over 30 diseases.


Benefits of Cabrio Duo Fungicide

1. Fits easily into integrated pest management programs.

2. Trusted valuable product with proven performance.

3. Long-lasting residual effect on the fungal agents.


How Cabrio Duo Works

It is a strobilurin or (Quinone Outside Inhibitor) fungicide. It actively prevents energy production within mitochondria, effectively stopping any cellular activity within the fungal cells. Cabrio offers extended residual protection and functions as a preventive fungicide (stopping infection and/or reinfection by prohibiting the germination of fungal spores).


Some Facts About Cabrio Duo Fungicide

  • The active ingredient in Cabrio, pyraclostrobin, is a member of the strobilurin class of chemistry.
  • Pyraclostrobin is derived from a natural antifungal substance.
  • Preventive applications of the product optimize disease control, resulting in improved plant health.
  • To maximize disease control, apply Cabrio in a regularly scheduled protective spray program and use it in a rotation program with other fungicides.
  • Because of its high specific activity, Cabrio Duo has good residual activity against target fungi.


The Product is Applicable for the following:

It is for use in disease control and plant health in the following crops: berries, brassica, bulb vegetables, cherry, cucurbit vegetables, filberts, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, leaves of root and tuber vegetables, pistachio, root vegetables, and strawberries.



Always read and follow label directions for application.

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