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We sell Commandant F1 which is a blocky cross breed pepper that ultimately becomes red at full physiological development.

It is a medium late to late assortment delivering blocky pepper organic products.
The typical organic product weight is 220g.
Standard utilization of sweet pepper is prescribed to defeat many problems and carry on with a solid life.
We convey across the country.

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Commandant F1: Features
Earliness: Medium.
Development: 90 days subsequent to relocating.
Plant: Medium-sized, serious areas of strength for shrubbery erect plants with great cover and organic product set.
Organic product: Large profound blocky 3-4 flaps, thick divider, the typical size of 12.5 x 10 cm. They are normally medium-dim green at the beginning and will become red at development.
Normal organic product weight: 220g.
Yield: 25-30 tons for every section of land open field and 50-60 tons in the nursery.
Yield per plant: 2kg for green and 4kg for red.
Collect at 75-90 days for the green market.
Gather at 90-120 days for the red market.
Collect period: 10 weeks in the open field and 4-6 months in the nursery.
Illness resilience: Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Potato Mosaic Virus (Y), Bacterial Leaf Spot Race 1-3 and Pepper Mottle Virus.

Establishing guidance
10,000 seeds for each Acre

Medical advantages of sweet pepper seeds
The medical advantages of sweet pepper incorporate the therapy of malignant growth, iron deficiency, joint pain, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s illness, improvement of bone thickness, and stomach related wellbeing. It keeps up with skin wellbeing, forestalls muscle squeezes, and mitigates propensity to fidget.

Normal utilization of sweet pepper is prescribed to defeat this multitude of issues and carry on with a solid life.
The natural product is viewed as an enemy of haemorrhoidal, clean, diaphoretic, stomach related, aggravation, rubefacient, sialagogue, antirheumatic, and tonic.
It is ingested inside for the treatment of the virus phase of fevers, weakness during strengthening or advanced age, for asthma, varicose veins, and stomach disturbs.
Remotely, it is utilized as a treatment for hyper-extends, solid chilblains, neuralgia, and pleurisy.

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