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Commercial Day-Old Arbor Acres Plus (FIDAN Broilers)


Our day-old chicks are raised in a clean, biosecure environment by parents of the highest caliber. We also make sure kids receive the appropriate vaccinations for their age.

Broilers with an outstanding growth rate, feed conversion ratio, livability, and decent dressing weight are also available along with high-quality day-old arbor acres.

The cost is indicated for a carton containing 50 chicks.

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Benefits of FIDAN Broiler Breeds

1. Get the highest-quality white meat available from our specially bred and selected FIDAN Broilers
2. Enjoy exceptional performance, with faster weight gain than other breeds in similar conditions
3. Take advantage of the excellent feed utilization of these broilers, which helps to reduce feed costs
4. Benefit from fast and consistent growth for uniform results
5. Reach the perfect slaughter age and avoid fines due to non-compliance with legislatio


Commercial Day-Old Arbor Acres Plus (FIDAN Broilers) Commercial Day-Old Arbor Acres...


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Arbor Acres Plus Broilers

The Commercial Day-Old Arbor Acres Plus (FIDAN Broilers) Plus has been created to meet the rising demand for high-quality white meat through a systematic program of breeding and selection. As a result, this breed has gradually improved thanks to well-known breed selection procedures integrating both established and cutting-edge scientific technologies. This guarantees uniformity and enhances the value of the finished goods.

The wildly popular and fiercely competitive FIDAN Broiler Breeds Plus serves as the foundation of the Arbor Acres brand.
Through exceptional parent performance, stable broiler performance, and a high processing yield, the Plus is bred to produce chicken effectively.
Breeder farms, hatcheries, poultry farmers, and customers all profit from using them.
Therefore, in markets where broilers are still primarily sold whole, the shape of its breast is certain to catch the attention of customers.

More advice on raising broilers
The concrete and bedding should be warm enough when the chicks arrive because their bodies will be in contact with the ground. If the floor temperatures are not adequate, the chicks will likely huddle together, especially if the heat source is insufficient. Preheat the sheds three days before placement.
Wood shavings make the best bedding. So make sure there are no foreign objects (like glass or metal) and that the bedding is dry.
Always keep a close eye on your birds to maintain a healthy distribution of chicks and flock activity.
Follow the immunization and medicine regimen exactly as it was supplied to your email after purchase.
For regular farm operations, utilize the services of qualified veterinary personnel as well.

Buy Arbor Acres Plus FIDAN Broilers, Selling Arbor Acres Plus FIDAN Broilers is on going.


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