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Make a reservation for day-old kuroiler chickens and have them delivered to your location. The Kuroiler breed has been attempted by certain farmers, and they are glad they did.

50 chicks in a carton are included in this pricing. As many cartons as you need can be purchased.
Kuroiler orders must be placed in advance and may be delivered three weeks following order confirmation. Based on the current situation, deliveries might also happen sooner.
Before their items are sent, customers will receive text and phone calls assuring their availability for pickup.
Please reserve a room in advance.
Upon successful order placement, your mail will be provided with the vaccination/medication schedule.
Please note that we adjust the prices of our day-old chicks twice a week based on the current market rates.

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Kuroiler chickens are a cross of the cockerel and broiler breeds. As a result, they grow a lot of meat like broiler chickens, are quite hardy against adversity like cockerels, and can endure the majority of frequent poultry diseases.

Recently, they were introduced to the Nigerian market to help many farmers raise chickens more easily.

We have been successful in bridging the advantages of broilers and cockerels with the male Kuroiler chickens. If given high-quality nutrition, Kuroilers can reach a weight of up to 2.5 kg in 12 to 16 weeks.


Please count your birds while the driver is still present before departing from the delivery location.

Day-old chicks and poults are not covered by any warranty or guarantee by Afrimash.

scheduled for delivery to destinations that are far away.
which suffer fatalities after arriving at fields and moving forward
For routine observation and treatment, we advise hiring licensed vets (as well as consulting the recommended vaccine and medication schedule).
Please be aware that our day-old chick pricing are changed twice weekly in accordance with the current market rates.


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