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Elghali F1 is a mixture watermelon seed assortment with an exquisite round-oval shape. Also, it has a major, fresh, extremely sweet, scrumptious organic product size and is profoundly liked by the ranchers.
Elghali F1 watermelon seeds is a top notch strain that can endure as long as about fourteen days after collect. This will assist with limiting misfortunes after collect and expand timeframe of realistic usability.
Item includes:

Bundle size: 1000 seeds.
Natural product Weight: 12 kg.
Longer timeframe of realistic usability.
Seeds produce huge measured, sweet, and delicious organic product.

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Elghali F1 Watermelon…
To assist with guaranteeing sustenance for purchasers, Syngenta has presented a high yielding watermelon seed known as Elghali F1, which delivers huge measured, succulent and sweet natural product that is both gainful to ranchers and customers concerning wellbeing and furthermore creates incredible yields, expanding pay for ranchers and makers.

Qualities and Benefits of Elghali F1 seeds:

Elghali F1 is a half breed watermelon assortment with a wonderful round/oval shape. The organic products can gauge as much as 12 kilograms.
Likewise, it has a major, fresh, exceptionally sweet, delectable natural product size and is profoundly liked by the ranchers.
Elghali is an excellent strain that can endure as long as about fourteen days after gather. This will assist with limiting misfortunes after collect, which has been quite difficult for ranchers of watermelons.
Ranchers can, due to the size of the watermelon, get more cash-flow per section of land of land.
Medical advantages of Elghali F1 Watermelon

Watermelons, around 92%, are mostly water. However supplements are absorbed these reviving organic products. There are significant measures of nutrients A , B6, and C in every delicious cut, lots of lycopene, cell reinforcements, and amino acids.

Indeed, even a modest quantity of potassium is there. Also, it is sans fat, exceptionally low in sodium and has a simple 40 calories for every cup. Watermelon has the most noteworthy lycopene content of any sort of new produce. Per 2-cup serving, it has around 15 to 20 milligrams.

Lycopene has likewise been connected with cardiovascular wellbeing, bone wellbeing and the avoidance of prostate disease. It is likewise a powerful cancer prevention agent accepted to make calming impacts. Permit your watermelon to develop completely to amplify your lycopene admission, as a matter of fact. The redder your watermelon gets, the higher the centralization of lycopene.

Elghali F1 watermelon seed is a quality item from the Syngenta brand.

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