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Espartano F1 Hybrid Sweet Pepper Seeds is a half breed early development assortment that is high yielding Medium between hubs, larges leaves, awesome setting and early. A sweet pepper assortment is reasonable for both indoor/nursery and open air crops. They have enormous blocky organic products sizes, pleasant glossy yellow tone, exceptionally smooth and huge. It is additionally truly versatile for development in the blustery and post-stormy season areas of strength for with weighty natural products.

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KIND: F1 half and half pepper (Capsicum L.)

TYPE: Blocky, Espartano F1 half and half.

Development: 60 to 70days.

Natural product DIMENSIONS: Approximately 10 x 10 cm (application. 250 – 270 g)

Natural product SHAPE: Large blocky – blocky

Natural product WALL: Thick

Perfection: Smooth surface with medium shallow flaps. Shoulders can be medium profound.

Natural product Color: Shinning yellow weighty organic products.

PLANT TYPE: Medium minimal

Infection REACTION (SCIENTIFIC): High opposition: Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

Creation: Under protection(Greenhouse) and open field..

Populace GUIDE:

Open field: 20,000 – 30 000 plants for each hectare . Under insurance: 2 – 2.3 stems per m².

USE: Pre-pressing and mass bundling strategies.

Unique FEATURES: Large natural product which abandon dim green to radiant yellow..

With these sweet pepper seed, Nirmanda F1, Sugar King F1, Jupiter, you’re covered.


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