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This machine offers a blend of proficiency just as efficient choices for quick handling of poultry for ranchers/sellers.

It helps eliminate feathers from poultry inside a brief term (2-3 birds each moment).

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Quill Plucker Machine

This Feather Plucker Machine is shown for the expulsion of quills from poultry birds (ovens, old layers, cockerels, turkeys, and so forth)

This quill culling machine is equipped for culling 2 to 3 birds all at once.

The whole course of culling 3 birds requires around one moment.

Headings for use:

Butcher the bird and permit blood to deplete appropriately.

Plunge the chicken in steaming hot water to burn at 65 to 80 degrees. The temperature of the water is reliant upon the durability of the skin of the bird.

Turn on the machine and drop the burnt birds in it.

The best an ideal opportunity to wind down the machine is between 10 to 20 seconds, albeit this relies upon the kind of poultry and its skin durability.

How a chicken quill plucker machine functions

A de-padding machine is planned as a barrel shaped hardened steel container mounted on a rectangular metal stand. The machine likewise has an electric engine. The inward surface of the machine has projectile molded elastic fittings which are once in a while called plucker fingers.

At the point when a butchered and burnt bird is dropped inside the de-padding machine, the plucker fingers will dispose of the quills as the electric engine pivots and the body of the bird rubs against the fingers.

The eliminated feathers come out at an opening beneath the machine.

Inside 5 minutes max, the quill expulsion cycle ought to have been finished.


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