Fried Snails / Dehydrated snails (jumbo size) 10pieces

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we have a possibility for seared kind sized snails and dried-out enormous snails

each pack contains 10 bits of snails.

Dried-out snails are the most ideal choice in the event that they will be on the way for over a day; got dried snails must be arranged at least 5 days in front of conveyance.

Seared snails can be conveyed with 24-48hours

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Enormous Nigerian snails
Instructions to eliminate snail from shell
There are different ways of eliminating snails from shells, 2 of them are depicted here

Strategy 1

Absorb hot (recently bubbled) water for a couple of moments; stick a fork (ideally 2 pronged) into the snail meat in the shell and draw it out, then wash.
Strategy 2

Cut open the sharp tip of the snail shell with a cleaver, pass a table blade in through the initial you just cut at the tip; turn in the blade (push it internal) as though you are opening an entryway with a key, you will feel the snail slacken off the shell and begin to fall off the shell from the wide opening, eliminate the blade. Then take out the snail meat from the wide opening on the opposite side of the snail. Be cautious with the snail shell while doing this as it is sharp.
Instructions to wash snails
Subsequent to eliminating the snail from the shell (utilizing any of the techniques over), the following thing to do is eliminate its guts, the snail’s stomach is a white sac joined to the snail; take it out totally utilizing your fingers. Then, at that point, utilizing a blade, cut the snail meat open along the regular line you see on it ( this is the very thing that gives snails the “butterfly” shape it has in the wake of being washed).

You can then continue to eliminate ooze and wash the snails clean for cooking, this should be possible utilizing any of the accompanying – salt, garri, lime, lemon, or alum; you can utilize a mix of lime/lemon and alum for a simple wash. This is depicted underneath.

Instructions to eliminate snail ooze
Instructions to utilize salt

Put snails in a bowl
Pour a ton of salt over the snails in the bowl.
Knead salt into snails utilizing your hands, you will see the ooze put on a show of being you do this.
Wash snails completely with water, and rehash the interaction assuming essential until the snails are spotless.
Instructions to utilize garri

Use garri to wash snails the same way is utilized.

Step-by-step instructions for lime/lemon and alum

Put the snails in a bowl, Cut lime/lemon into 2 and fit out juice over snails into a bowl of water containing snails. Rub the juice into every one of the pieces of the snails. Utilize the cuts of pressed lime/lemon to scour the snails, particularly the secret parts.
Flush then, at that point, wash again with alum, focus on utilizing the alum, particularly on the areas the lime/lemon couldn’t reach.
Flush completely with water.
Step-by-step instructions to pan sear snails

Stock solid shapes
Vegetable oil

Instructions to rehydrate got dried out snails
Put the got dried-out snails in a profound bowl, heat up some water, and pour over the got dried-out snails in the bowl, cover the bowl and leave for around 5-6 hours. You can then prepare and heat up the snails for 5-10 minutes prior to cooking with your pot of soup or stew.

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