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Gasoline Power Sprayer is one of the creations the board rehearses acted in rural yield and domesticated animals creation to limit sickness challenge.

Consequently, the mechanized sprayer empowers the rancher to apply synthetics with no sweat as its use rejects the typically unpleasant manual siphoning activity.
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Gas Power Sprayer
We offer premium quality 160 liters Agricultural Gasoline Power Sprayer for vegetables and farmland exercises. Compound splashing or application is one of the creation the executives rehearses acted in farming yield and domesticated animals creation to limit illness challenge.

It is ordinarily used to control weeds that can hold onto bugs by utilization of herbicides, to control bug bothers that can cause illnesses by the utilization of insect poisons as well as pesticides, and to control parasitic sicknesses by the utilization of fungicides.
It is additionally appropriate for the utilization of micronutrients on the plants, boron for example as well as foliar manures.

Item includes
Model 170F
Weight 15kg
Power Rating 4.8Kw
Condition New, safe
Capacity 160ltrs
Installment term Full
Class Agricultural gear
Electric/manual Gasoline motor
Origin Imported
Colour Green
Least order 1 unit
Appropriate for
Splashing fluid with more prominent strain, HP of the motor permits fluid to be showered to a significant distance even to leaves on trees.

3 reviews for Gasoline Power Sprayer (160 Liters Capacity | 4.8kW | Model 170F)

  1. joy (verified owner)

    “I have used pesticide for years on my farm, and recently I switched to a more eco-friendly substance. One day this little cricket hopped out of the soil and started crawling up my arm. It was very strange, I had never seen anything like it before. That night I could not sleep at all. It felt as though these creepy crawlies were crawling all over me. The next morning I saw that there was an outbreak of crickets in my fields. My colleagues told me about how

  2. moses (verified owner)

    “We always have to use pesticide since we grow vegetables and such, but the last time I bought it I got a big bottle (even though I only needed a little) because I was afraid it was going to be scarce, thanks for making sure us average joe’s know!”

  3. Phoenix (verified owner)

    “I have been using this pesticide for years and I have never regretted it. This product has a great deal of power, but it also has low toxicity levels. It’s great because the pest doesn’t get to you first.”

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