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The powder green Leaf is a bug spray extremely strong against cockroaches. You can utilize it straightforwardly, without blending, in the invaded places and their entries. The cockroaches are killed promptly !

Sprinkle it ideally in corners not much open, all together that powder stay dynamic for quite a while.

Item is protected and scentless.

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1. Firmly compelling in killing cockroach and its eggs: green leaf powder cockroach killing trap can kill a lot of cockroaches straightforwardly. It likewise can hinder the eggs from incubating, which prompts their unusual demise and in this way accomplishes a special impact of cockroach annihilation 2. Clean and climate amicable: no compound buildups, non-contaminating, no aggravation smell Directions for utilize 1. Open the little plastic pack and pour the powder trap where cockroaches are much of the time noticed or will more often than not stow away. It very well may be poured in dim spots, around gulfs of sewer, by cabinets or coolers, under sinks, close to kitchen ranges and in drawers, closets or foyers 2. Each pack is better utilized for 3 to 5 spots. To guarantee the adequacy, once opened, it ought to be spent at one time. 3. Supplanting the powder at regular intervals is recommended. Cockroaches will be annihilated after you utilize the powder for two to multiple times in progression 4. The more the powder cockroach killing trap is set, the better the impact will be. In the event that a spot is intensely pervaded by cockroaches, kindly apply the powder to the entire region.


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