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GuardForce is a kind of selective post-emergence herbicide belongs to sulfonylurea. It controls in maize of annual grass weeds by inhibiting the plant enzyme acetolactate synthase, or ALS.

GuardForce is a herbicide for maize, and forage maize in particular.  It is a broad spectrum herbicide that controls a wide range of maize weeds, both annual weeds and perennial weeds.  GuardForce is a systemic selective herbicide, displaying genera-selectivity, therefore ensuring it is effective at killing other plants growing near the maize – even those grasses closely related to maize.  This selectivity is achieved by the maize plants ability to metabolise nicosulfuron into harmless compounds.  This compound works by being absorbed through the leaves (it is a foliar application) and travelling through the xylem to the meristematic regions.  Here it inhibits the activity of acetolactase synthase, a key enzyme required for cell division and plant growth.  Application will result in the post emergence growth of weeds within a few hours and death will result within 20 – 25 days.  It will thereby be effective at controlling post-emergent weeds such as annual and perennial grass weeds, sedges and broad-leaved weeds such as Sorghum halepense and Agropyron repens  .  This compound is easy to use, requires no adjuvant and does no wash into the soil. It is harmless to birds, fish, bees and insects.

Enzyme is not found in livestock, fish or human beings. Inhibiting the ALS enzyme system blocks the production of the amino acids, valine and isoleucine, essential building blocks of proteins and other plant components.

GuardForce is applied post-emergence with a non-ionic surfactant when weeds are 4-12 inches tall and actively growing. Rain within two hours of application will not decrease the effectiveness.

It is used for control of weeds such as Johnsongrass, quackgrass, foxtails, shattercane, panicums, barnyardgrass, sandbur, pigweed, morningglory and others. Crops include field maize.

Product Name GuardForce
Active Agent Nicosulfuron 40 g/L OD and 75 % WDG.
Tech Grade 98% TC
Formulation 75% WDG,40 g/L OD
Action Selective Post-emergence Herbicide

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