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We offer poultry pen foggers which are made from high-quality resistant plastic.
  • The water sprayed from the fogger is a very fine mist that evaporates before contact with the pen floor-with a resultant balance in cooling the birds and the atmosphere of the pen-house.
  • We have one-way, four-way and high capacity electric foggers.
  • Delivery is nationwide
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Poultry Pen Fogger

Instrument of activity: Water is showered as extremely fine fog, some of which vanishes when it arrives at the pen floor, consequently engrossing the hotness in the environment with a resultant cooling impact on birds and temperature balance in pen houses. The foggers are furnished with channels and inbuilt shut-off valves to stop the dribbling of water in the middle of showering spans. The foggers can be opened, the sifting frameworks and different parts cleaned before re-gathering/recoupling

The foggers use the instrument of evaporative cooling (a compelling way of lessening heat pressure and guaranteeing a drop in temperature). These components can mean the distinction between morality and decency. The foggers ought to be utilized with a high-pressure siphon (1/2 to 3/4 drive siphon), pipeline, fogger spouts, and clock unit.


Diminishes temperature by 9° to 10° Fahrenheit.

High-pressure plastic material

Release 5 litres each hour/spout

It has fog size: 10-15u | Working tension: 500-600 psi/40-50 bar.

Grill Open Sheds (Fig I): For an ordinary 30 feet width house, two fogger lines ought to be given (40ft width houses 3 lines). Foggers can be fitted at 8 to 10 feet stretch. Position foggers in a descending position.

Layer Sheds (Fig II: Cages): Foggers can be introduced on confines at each 8 to 10 feet pointing a vertical way. Foggers ought to be utilized with an augmentation line of one foot. The female connector ought to be given an inside tighten so that ‘O’ ring fits inside appropriately and no spillages happen.

Introduce the fogger line above on the enclosures (3 lines for three columns). In the event that breeze speed is more than it ought to be decreased by putting gunny sacks window ornament at the edge of the shed.

All the pipelines inside the shed ought to be 20 mm PVC 2.5 mm thick.

Joints ought to be fixed with the assistance of PVC dissolvable concrete cautiously.

Lines from the siphon to each shed ought to be 1″ (32mm).


Try not to utilize metal pins for cleaning obstructed openings of fogger tip, rather wash the tips completely with water or cleaning arrangement.

On the off chance that opening actually stays obstructed, clean it with a fine fiber brush.

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