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These are high quality and accurate nipples made with fine quality plastic, and stainless steel raw materials. They ensure improved water delivery with fewer spills.

  • Each nipple measures 3.8cm on average and comes with its complementary plastic saddle in various colors (for attachment to the drinking line pipe).
  • Packed in transparent and sealed bags, 100 nipples and saddled per pack.
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Poultry Nipple in addition to Saddle
The areola consumer is generally utilized for chicken battery confines.

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It is a blend of hardened steel and solid fine quality plastic material, hence ensures exact conveyance of water to your chickens.
It is very much suggested for floor and enclosure raised ovens, layers, and reproducers.
Whenever utilized on the floor, one piece of the areola is suggested for eight (8) birds.
Whenever utilized in an enclosure, each piece of the areola can serve two to four chickens or more, contingent upon your prerequisite, bird type, and enclosure determinations.
The areola and seat are suggested for 3/4″ lines for the seat to fit conveniently around the line.

The advantages of utilizing the areola framework:

It assists you with accomplishing an elevated degree of cleanliness on the homestead since water doesn’t get defiled since the water drops just when pecked. Freshwater is delivered absurd on request.
It likewise assists you with accomplishing herd consistency as birds don’t need to gather around drinking box.
The areola consumers ought to be all around dispersed in the poultry house.
The seats are utilized to append areolas to the PVC pipe that disperses water.
By and large, the Chakra areolas are notable for their sturdiness and extraordinary conveyance.

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  1. Ayanfeoluwa (verified owner)

    “I have always hated bugs and how they would always mess with my garden. I found out about pesticide from a friend and it turned my life around. My garden is now “bug-free.”

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    “This is the only pesticide we use, our crops stay disease free and it’s also really helpful for not having to use stronger substances. I’m really glad I found that my kids wont need to be near these kinds of pesticides after a few sprays.”

  3. uzo (verified owner)

    “I have been using pesticides to keep the bugs away from my plants and I have never seen anything like it before. It works so well, I don’t have to worry about the bugs ruining my garden.”

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