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Treated Giant cross breed Plantain suckers are high-yielding plants with resistive properties against a large number of sicknesses. They can likewise adjust to various biological systems in Nigeria.

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Treated Giant half breed plantain sucker is an Improved crossover assortment of plantain suckers named “Agbagba” (Giant Elephant). Plantain suckers are high yielding plants and sickness impervious to microorganisms, infections, nematode and contagious influencing banana and plantain estates.

Component of Treated Giant crossover plantain (Cameroon and Elephant) sucker
1. It is impervious to most sicknesses brought about by microscopic organisms, infections, nematode and parasitic, which commonly influences numerous banana and plantain ranches.
2. It has a high pace of development with high yielding plants, guaranteeing a very much synchronized guard gather fruiting.
3. Generally, a separating of no less than 2m by 3m is suggested. Likewise, the corm of suckers should be somewhere around 40cm inside the dirt during planting.
4. The natural products are ordinarily green to brown-yellow, and very bigger than a typical plantain.
5. They are wind safe. 6. 6. While relocating, lines ought to be straight in level fields to give establishes the greatest measure of daylight. Nonetheless, on inclining land, columns ought to follow the shape lines to diminish soil disintegration.

1. They’re a rich wellspring of fiber, nutrients A, C, and B-6, and the minerals magnesium and potassium
2. They assist with processing and weight the board.
3. As they contain a high solid substance of cell reinforcements, they assist with safeguarding the body against free extreme harm that is related with maturing, maturing illness, and, surprisingly, a few kinds of disease.
4. They assist with supporting the resistant framework.
5. Assist in bringing down blood with forcing and diabetes control.
6. They are sickness safe with great creation limit.


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